Membership with the CampusEAI Consortium


What are the benefits of a CampusEAI membership?

CampusEAI Consortium provides its members with numerous essential services to help make their IT departments and university communities function at their very best. When you begin your membership with CampusEAI, your institution immediately gains access to the Consortium's collective knowledge base and document library. Included in the benefits of a CampusEAI membership are the following:

  • Access to CampusEAI Consortium Community Working Groups
  • Discounted pricing on CampusEAI products and services
  • Shared knowledge and best practices
  • Professional development and networking opportunities
  • Electronic publications, including monthly newsletter subscription
  • Discounted rates on all CampusEAI events

What kinds of institutions comprise the Consortium?

Regardless of what type of institution you are, CampusEAI Consortium has a workable knowledgebase of members with whom to share experiences. Below is a list of demographics across the Consortium:

How much does it cost?

CampusEAI Consortium offers membership to institutions at varying costs, depending on the type of institution and reported FTE. Below you will find a breakdown of membership cost by these criteria and more:

Institution Classifications FTE Less than 2,000 FTE 2,000 to 5,000FTE 5,000 to 10,000FTE 10,000 to 15,000FTE 15,000 to 20,000FTE 20,000 & Over
Associate's colleges, Baccalaureate/Associates colleges, Baccalaureate colleges -General$335$675$1133$1775$2430$2655
Theological seminaries, bible colleges & other institutions offering degrees in religion$335$675$1133$1775$2430$2655
Schools of art, music & design$335$675$1133$1775$2430$2655
Master's (comprehensive) colleges & universities$495$875$1455$2100$2750$2995
Schools of business & management$495$875$1455$2100$2750$2995
Teachers colleges$495$875$1455$2100$2750$2995
Other separate health profession schools$495$875$1455$2100$2750$2995
Schools of law$675$1135$1775$2430$3080$3250
Other specialized institutions$675$1135$1775$2430$3080$3250
Doctoral / research universities Intensive, Baccalaureate colleges-Liberal Arts$675$1135$1775$2430$3080$3250
Schools of engineering & technology$675$1135$1775$2430$3080$3250
Medical school & medical centers$1455$2100$2750$3405$4045$4225
Doctoral / research universities extensive$1455$2100$2750$3405$4045$4225
Elementary / Secondary schools$335$675$1133$1775$2430$2655