CampusEAI Consortium

CampusEAI Consortium is an association that has over 2,000 higher education institution members including Columbia University, Cornell University, Florida State University, Louisiana State University. CampusEAI Consortium focuses on helping its members improve enrollment, retention and IT services by providing its members with lessons learned iseminars, conferences and consulting services on areas such as cloud hosting, enterprise portal, web content management services, single sign-on & identity management, mobile apps and service desk.

EduTech Venture Fund

The EduTech Venture Fund invests in early stage enterprise software, Internet and mobile companies that target the education market or companies created from intellectual property technology transfer from colleges and universities. The EduTech Venture fund helps founders turn imaginative ideas into enduring companies.

CampusEAI Consortium History and Mission

non-profit CampusEAI Consortium was established in 2003 by 14 universities as a response to increasing IT budget cuts, resource constraints and expectations of incoming Internet-savvy students that are, these days, exposed to services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The CampusEAI Consortium's mission is to help members reduce the time, cost and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services by leveraging shared IT services, lessons learned and best practices so that each member can avoid reinventing the wheel.

CampusEAI Consortium was founded as an Ohio non-profit organization in 2003. In 2008, at the request of our Members, CampusEAI began offering a myriad of additional services to support the Consortium, including hosting, monitoring, managed and help desk services. In order to offer all these services, CampusEAI Consortium needed to invest significantly in new infrastructure (equipment and resources). Rather than seek outside investment, CampusEAI Consortium worked with its bank (Huntington Bank) and utilized a line of credit to finance this growth. The Bank required a lien on the infrastructure that was being purchased. Because the bank could not have liens on the non-profit organization, CampusEAI(for-profit) was formed. This company provides all additional services to the non-profit organization. The governance has not changed.

CampusEAI Consortium is a leader in the world of higher education information technology services. The Consortium focuses on improving the future of university education through organizing, leading, and sponsoring higher education conferences. For the past 15 years, the CampusEAI Consortium Annual Conference has brought together universities and colleges from across the United States to learn from Industry leaders, fellow CIOs and IT managers, vendors, and sponsors. While the Annual Conference is the largest and most popular of CampusEAI Consortium's education technology conferences, it is only one of many events put on by the Consortium. The Consortium targets regions as well, providing more concentrated and hands-on learning experiences to local institutions. In 2014, Gwynedd Mercy University hosted the CampusEAI Consortium Eastern Conference and the CampusEAI Consortium Western Conference took place in California on the sunny campus of the University of La Verne.

Why Our Role Is Important

The role of education technology has never been as prominent or necessary as it is today. Students rely heavily on immediate access to their grades, assignments, and schedules. "Doing research at the library" no longer requires actually walking into a library. Laptops and tablets have replaces paper and pencils. Through our Higher Education Conferences, Higher Education Web Conferences, and Education Technology Conferences, we bring this Industry together to improve the end user experience.

CampusEAI Consortium Governance

The CampusEAI Consortium Executive Advisory Committee guides the Consortium's Executive Director, Board and Leadership Team in prioritizing the strategic initiatives of the community.

Conferences, iSeminars & Working Groups

CampusEAI Consortium hosts conferences, iseminars and working groups to help facilitate members sharing lessons learned and best practices.

Annual Face-to-Face Conferences:

iSeminars & Working Group Topics:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Help Desk
  • Single Sign-On
  • Mobile Apps
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Web Content Management & Enterprise Portal




CampusEAI has over 2000 active K-12 and Higher Education members in over 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Members include Louisiana State University, Florida State University, University of Maine System, and University of Sydney.

CampusEAI Consortium Leadership Team

Recognizing the need to have a central leadership team and resources dedicated to supporting the Consortium's initiatives, the CampusEAI Consortium staff provides strategic planning, project management, infrastructure design and implementation, graphic and user interface design, software development, support, training, and on-demand hosted and managed services.

Executive Management Team

Anjli Jain, Executive Director
Michael C. DeJohn, Director of Corporate Development & General Counsel

CampusEAI Consortium Facilities

To support its national and international members and provide them with competitive and cost effective consulting services rates, the CampusEAI Consortium has facilities in the US and overseas:

For more information about the Community, please send an e-mail to membership@campuseai.org.