Mobile App Grant Overview

CampusEAI Consortium is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of myCampus Mobile App Grants. The myCampus Mobile App Grant Program is open to education institutions across the globe.

The CampusEAI Consortium's myCampus Mobile App Grant Program is designed to cover 100% cost ($60,000) of the myCampus Mobile App software license.

myCampus Mobile helps you stay connected to your University from wherever you are. Get access to your courses, grades, class schedule, stay informed with the latest campus happenings, find people in the public directory, get in touch instantly, find places on the campus map, get alerts, send messages and more. Below are all the myCampus Mobile App features for all the major mobile platforms including Android®, iOS®, Blackberry® and Windows® 8.

myCampus Mobile is designed to accommodate the needs of today's busy students, faculty and staff by offering functionalities pertaining to student information systems and Learning Management Systems directly to users' smartphone and Tablets. As university life becomes more and more reliant on mobile technology, it is increasingly important to stay connected using these handheld devices. myCampus Mobile does just that by giving users instant access to features such as : Enrollment - Add/Drop Class, Holds, Account Summary, Grades, Class Lookup, Academic Transcripts and Other Apps advising using easy to navigate, icon-based menus and apps designed with the flexibility of open source technology.

Key Features of myCampus Mobile :

  • Cross Platform Android®, iOS®, Blackberry® and Windows® 8
  • Native app functionality
  • Fully Customizable Apps for your institution
  • Write your own apps
  • Single Sign On capability to interoperate with
  • ERP/SIS systems (Ellucian Banner®, Ellucian Colleague®, Oracle PeopleSoft® etc.)
  • LMS systems (Eg. Moodle®)

myCampus Mobile offers dozens of convenient features to help faculty, staff and students stay better connected to their institutions:

  • Icon-based Menus
  • Library Resources and Services
  • Personalized App Creation Capabilities
  • Access to QuickLaunch Web Services
  • myMessages Alerts and Announcement
  • Access to Student Grading and Class Information

The myCampus Mobile App Grant is designed for institutions seeking to implement mobile app for their institution. Recipients of the Grant will receive will receive 100% grant on the myCampus Mobile App platform software licenses.

In addition to receiving 100% discounting on myCampus Mobile App Software Licenses, Grant recipients will be asked to participate in assessing the efficacy of a myCampus Mobile and propose new applications and improvements for upcoming updates of the product.

II. CampusEAI Contact Information

Name of Corporation:
CampusEAI Consortium
1111 Superior Avenue
Suite 310
Cleveland, OH 44114

Primary Contacts:
Ash Bard
Director- myCampus Mobile
Tel 216.589.9626 ext. 230
Fax 216.589.9639

III. Application Protocol and Timetable

The CampusEAI Consortium will select Grant recipients based on a number of categories. Decisions will be made according to the CampusEAI Consortium's goal for determining the efficacy of CampusEAI Mobile products, solutions and services from a diverse sample of institutions of higher education. Within the auspices of this broad goal, the CampusEAI Consortium will seek institutions that can demonstrate excellence in the following categories:

  • Commitment to information technology initiatives
  • Compatibility with the CampusEAI Consortium's technology goals
  • Targeted time frame of institution to implement Mobile App Project
  • Ability to implement an Mobile App effectively
  • Strong academic alliances

The CampusEAI Consortium will review applications from educational institutions with established credentials. All applications will be reviewed by an evaluation committee comprised of representatives of the CampusEAI Consortium and external consultants. Both soft copies and hard copies will be accepted. Applications must be received before 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, June 30, 2014 and sent to:

CampusEAI Consortium Mobile Grant Committee
1111 Superior Avenue, Suite 310
Cleveland, Ohio 44114-2225

Soft copy submissions should be sent to:
Sub: [Name of Institution] - CampusEAI Portal Grant Application

The entire Grant application and distribution process will proceed according to the following timetable:

  • June 30th, 2014: Final Application Due Date
  • July 15th, 2014: CampusEAI Awards Grants
  • July 30th, 2014*: Mobile App Implementation Starts

*Please note that the Mobile App launch timeframe provided here are for reference purposes only; launch date will correspond to Grantee's Mobile App objectives and shall be determined collaboratively through communications between CampusEAI's Implementation teams and Grantee's Mobile App team.